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Accessibility Supplies Lending Library

September 2022

Welcome back to our tutor tips series focused on enhancing access and supporting learners with disabilities! This fall, we’ll be highlighting some resources from Literacy Minnesota partner organization PANDA. 

PANDA stands for Physical and Nonapparent Disability Assistance. Their mission is to provide Minnesota Adult Education programs with disability support, knowledge and resources to increase academic opportunities for students. If you’re a classroom volunteer, tutor, or teacher in Minnesota, PANDA is there to help you help your students succeed.  

This month’s featured resource is PANDA’s lending library. The library contains adaptive and assistive equipment, accessibility supplies, and multisensory teaching tools that teachers and volunteers can borrow for students to use. The library includes:

  • Magnifiers. Help students with low vision see print materials.
  • Personal amplifiers. Help hard of hearing students follow classroom lectures and conversations.
  • Adaptive keyboards and mice. Help students with motor impairments type and navigate the computer.
  • Tactile letter tiles, sand trays, and other multisensory supplies.
  • Speaking calculators.
  • And much more! 

Check out the full lending library catalog on the PANDA website. If your student needs something that isn’t already in the library, PANDA may be able to secure it!

To request something from the lending library, contact PANDA:

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