Northstar Digital Literacy

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Northstar Digital Literacy

Northstar assesses digital skills and provides classroom curriculum and self-directed online learning.

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Northstar testing locations proctor assessments, award certificates and teach basic computer skills throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

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Certificates earned from Northstar assessments allow learners to demonstrate computer skills to potential employers.

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Assessments are based on carefully developed standards and test knowledge in 12 key areas of digital literacy. 

What is Northstar? 

The mission of Northstar Digital Literacy is to help individuals around the world master the digital skills needed to work, learn and participate fully in daily life. Northstar provides curricula, individual online learning and online assessments in three main areas:

  • Essential Computer Skills - Computer Basics, Internet Basics, Email, Windows OS, Mac OS X
  • Essential Software Skills - Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Using Technology to Accomplish Tasks - Social Media, Information Literacy 
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