Writing a letter to legislators


Influencing policy and legislation to advance the literacy cause. 

Literacy Minnesota works to ensure that government leaders and agencies engage with, value and invest in literacy programs and services. 

Adults having a serious discussion

Key accomplishments:

  • Increasing the Adult Basic Education funding formula - We were able to significantly increase the amount of government resources to support adult basic education programs across Minnesota. We successfully incorporated community-based organizations into the funding stream, effectively adding tens of millions of dollars to support the literacy cause in our state. 
  • Changing an antiquated VISTA policy - In the fall of 2014, we brought together ten other AmeriCorps VISTA sponsor sites in Minnesota to inspire a national policy change. Thanks to a letter we wrote and mailed to leaders of our national service programs, VISTA members across the country are now allowed to hold second jobs while they serve. This is key to recruiting VISTAs with a desire to serve but an economic need to supplement their modest living allowance. 

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