Welcome to the 2022 ABE Summer Institute Poster Sessions!

Poster sessions this year are short 3- to 10-minute videos created by ABE professionals that highlight a program activity, a how-to or a classroom best practice.

To watch a video, click on the link below each description. Handout and resource links are also available for some posters.


Teaching Language, Literacy and Math:

What's in Your Backpack?
Elizabeth Muellerleile, WEST ABE          
This session will give you some quick ideas for starting a class with routines and repetition. It involves everyone in the multi-level ESL classroom and can be short & quick, or expanded upon.

Video: https://flip.com/s/ENzpXXxCWjXz

English Unlocked, a NEW Standards-Aligned English Language Literacy Curriculum from Literacy Minnesota
Leah Hauge, Literacy Minnesota
Meghan Boyle, Literacy Minnesota

The new English Unlocked curriculum from Literacy Minnesota is a low-prep, flexible, standards-based curriculum for 4 levels of adult ESL. It is designed with an equity lens for volunteer or teacher led classrooms.
Video: https://flip.com/s/WoTC7xcGzfyH
Resource: literacymn.org/english-unlocked

List Ten! A Great Warm Up Activity for All Classes
Rob Podlasek, Literacy Minnesota
Looking for a quick, re-useable warm up or “door-knocker” activity? Come hear about Top Ten! and how you can use it at any level to review a variety of academic concepts.
Video: https://flip.com/s/DAYnkggjbzbC
Resource: https://www.literacymn.org/list-10

Three Ways to Use Children's Picture Books in Adult English Language Classrooms (2021 Encore!)
Andrea Echelberger, Adult Academic Program
Don't recycle those picture books! Learn three writing activities that incorporate children's picture books into interactive level and age-appropriate writing activities.
Video: https://flip.com/s/LSXzq-3HJ6Vz

 A Metacognitive Routine to Promote Independent Math Learning (2021 Encore!)
Lindsey Pust, ATLAS
Math students are often much too reliant on the teacher when navigating through difficult/unfamiliar problems. This simple routine provides one way to help students develop confidence as independent, capable mathematicians.
Video: https://flip.com/s/6Nkv-KR8CQvb
Resource: Handout

Math Warm-Up Activities (2021 Encore)
Penny Brown, SouthWest Metro Intermediate District
Review six free resources to help your students build numeracy skills through brief tasks suitable for warm-up or closing activities. Materials can be used for online instruction or in-person classes.
Video: https://flip.com/s/sn4vq4mk3ycz
Resource: Math Warm Up Activities

Digital Literacy and Equity:

#622Proud: A Mini Lesson on Hashtags
Carly Vorshell, Harmony Learning Center
Confused by hashtags? Join the club! See how one program used their school district social media hashtag in a digital literacy lesson that can be used for students and teachers.

Video: https://flip.com/s/P84ageiqPr_V
Resource: Hashtag Lesson Slides 

What’s New In Northstar Digital Literacy?
Theresa Sladek   Literacy Minnesota                         
Northstar Digital literacy is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the community. Learn about the newest Northstar features (including the just-released modules in Spanish) and what is planned for the future.

Video: https://flip.com/s/kJJH_8uKXsYx
Resource: digitalliteracyassessment.org/

Google Classroom Add-Ons Launched!
Jason Brazier, Literacy Minnesota
Need more Google Classroom Tools ? Google just announced the Classroom Add-Ons feature is rolling out to subscribers , enabling access to 18 popular ed tech tools from within Classroom.

Video: https://flip.com/s/5PqKykxuCbvN
Resource: Handout

Northstar Digital Literacy Foundations
Elizabeth Bennett, Literacy Minnesota
Quick quiz: What is “Northstar” in MN ABE?
A – Assessments
    B – Standards
    C - Free curriculum
    D - A distance learning platform
It’s actually E - All of the above! Watch this poster session to learn more.

Video: https://flip.com/s/MW3g53sRQsXj
Resource: literacymn.crhosts.cloud/course/view.php?id=169  

Understand the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)
Abrianna Thao, Literacy Minnesota

Spreading the word and getting people signed up for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Is vital. Learn about Literacy Minnesota’s resource page to help people get connected.
Video: https://flip.com/s/EvxTxDkB3dzy
Resource: https://www.literacymn.org/digitalliteracy

Preparing for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Application   
Khalaun Phillis, Literacy Minnesota

Want to know how to help students apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)? In this poster session you will learn what to expect during the application for ACP, what the follow-up process will look like, what to do next. Resources will also be shared.

Video: https://flip.com/s/K1Lt8DCs7vgv
Resource: Slides
Resource: ACP website

Program Management:

Using Seesaw as a Learning Management System in Adult Education
Renee Kostner, Lakeville Area Schools      
Follow along the journey of investigating various learning management systems including Schoology, Google Sites, Google Classroom and Seesaw. It ultimately focuses on using Seesaw in the adult education classroom.

Video: https://flip.com/s/L36KDBmuysYg

Free Books for All: Expanding Access to Reading Materials at your ABE Site
Carly Vorshell, Harmony Learning Center
This session will focus on creative ways to offer free books at your ABE program because learning, like life, is better with a good book!
Video: https://flip.com/s/WJ74bUf-Ayzk
Resource: Handout 

Five Tips to Improve Adult Literacy Hotline Referrals to Your Program!
Emily Fox-Penner, Literacy Minnesota      
What is the Adult Literacy Hotline? How can you keep your info updated? And what are some tips to get better hotline referrals for your program? Join this session to find out!

Video: https://flip.com/s/cwz66ossZhm5

Journeys: An Anthology of Adult Student Writing
Kelly Rynda, Literacy Minnesota
Sophie Phan, Literacy Minnesota

Journeys, the annual publication of ABE student writing, seeks submissions for the 2023 edition. The submissions webform is now open and entries are being accepted throughout the fall.

Video: https://flip.com/s/1oa7Fjqtjwsk
Resource: Journey's Packet

Introducing the Disability Accommodations Guide: What is it and How Can I use it with Learners?
Emily Fox-Penner, Literacy Minnesota
Learn about our new accessible, approachable guide to disability accommodations for students—and how you can use this guide at your program to empower students and promote self-advocacy.
Video: https://flip.com/s/cLNzrQfNSMMS
Resource: Disability Guide for Students
Resource: https://literacymn.org/disability-accommodations

Check out Literacy Minnesota's Accessibility Basics Tutorial Series!
Emily Fox-Penner, Literacy Minnesota                     
Introducing the Accessibility Basics tutorial series from Literacy Minnesota, a resource pulling together some foundational tips to help make accessibility part of your everyday practice.

Video: https://flip.com/s/TssbsFy1yNrQ
Resource: https://literacymn.org/accessibility-basics

How National Service Can Help Your Organization's Capacity to Effect Change: Host a Literacy for All or Digital Equity AmeriCorps VISTA with the Literacy Leadership Program
Stevie Lewis, Literacy Minnesota                
Build capacity and invest in emerging leaders with Literacy Leadership, an AmeriCorps program! We place individuals with organizations to launch or expand literacy programs/services for low-income individuals and communities

Video: https://flip.com/s/xoTemmsZ2sv6
Resource: Slides

Resource: Host Site Flyer
Resource: Facts and Figures