Digital Literacy

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Bridging the digital divide

Digital Literacy

Digital equity requires access to devices, access to an internet connection and access to digital skills. 

That's where Literacy Minnesota comes in. 

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Our Digital Literacy Work

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Our Northstar Digital Literacy platform assesses digital skills and provides classroom curriculum and self-directed online learning. 


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Digital Navigators mentor digital literacy learners in using technology, building skills and setting goals. 


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We apply our expertise to help your organization launch transformative digital literacy programming.

Digital Literacy changes everything!

Watch to see the life-changing effects of digital literacy, and how it empowers people to achieve their goals, navigate the workforce and advocate for themselves.

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Digital Equity: A condition in which all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity needed for full participation in our society, democracy and economy. 

Digital Literacy: The ability and knowledge needed to access and operate internet-connected devices, to successfully use commonly available software, and to navigate and utilize online resources in order to effectively communicate and complete social and work-related tasks in a virtual space.

Digital equity facts

Cassandra - Digital Literacy Learner

I was furloughed in March. I came in uncertain – things were changing with the pandemic. Northstar gave me more of a focus. It gave me something to look forward to. A motivator. I like that I have the flexibility of doing it at home. It’s less stressful. I recently applied for a manager position. After the interview, I got the pre-employment package and a $100 bonus to refer someone! I am glad this program is here. The staff were so helpful. I can testify – it made me more comfortable with my computer skills. Such a good feeling!

Ramsey County TechPak Program

In 2020, Ramsey County partnered with Literacy Minnesota, Tech Dump/Tech Discounts, Saint Paul Public Libraries and other community organizations to provide computers, internet and digital literacy training to more than 500 residents impacted by COVID-19. Digital Literacy Navigators from Literacy Minnesota supported each participant by facilitating computer pick-up, digital literacy assessments and learning using Northstar, and information technology (IT) support. They also referred participants to classes, job searches and workforce training. For every $1 spent on the TechPak initiative, there was a social return on investment of $2.40 generated through improved earnings, well-being and cost savings. 

Ramsey County resident with laptop provided through the TechPak initiative

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