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Putting English to Work

  • UPDATE 4/13/20: The Putting English to Work ESL video series and workpackets have been made publically available online through the California Division of Adult and Career Education.
  • There are three English courses available, each with a series of videos and accompanying printable worksheets. The three courses can be accessed using the following links: 
  • PETW 1 Videos and Worksheets Link (20 units; 80 possible proxy hours)
  • PETW 2 Videos and Worksheets Link (24 units; 96 possible proxy hours)
  • PETW 3 Videos and Worksheets Link (24 units; 96 possible proxy hours)
  • PETW Implementation Recommendations PDF
  • Link to Drive folder with all PETW worksheets (Please feel free to download.)
  • Foundation for Education Technology's Putting English to Work (1, 2 & 3) combines Vocational ESL (VESL) with life skills training designed to help students excel in the workplace, at home, in their families and communities.
  • Proxy Hours Equivalent: 4 hours per completed unit (this includes watching the video and completing the worksheets for each unit)
  • Criteria for awarding Proxy Hours: Completion of workpacket to the satisfaction of the teacher. Teacher must verify/look at student-completed worksheets.This can be done via photo attachments sent by the learner, web meetings (like Zoom or Google Meet), in person, or via (snail) mail.
  • Proxy Hour Documentation: Teacher verified completion of a workbook unit, which includes a short test. Make a Log in SID for the learner of completed work. Please see the PETW Implementation Recommendations PDF above.
  • Prerequisites: No requirement, but suggestion is CASAS Reading 181+ (not suitable for pre-literate learners); use independently or as hybrid.
  • DVDs and workbooks only



Cost paid by individual programs.