VIRTUAL Awards Ceremony & Journeys Readings

Award winners at ceremony

VIRTUAL Awards Ceremony & Journeys Readings



Our annual awards ceremony and Journeys readings event has gone virtual!

We are kicking off a video series on June 2 with a video honoring the 2020 award winners. Then, starting on June 9, look for new videos from student authors every Tuesday night throughout the month of June. While we are sad not to be celebrating together in person this year, we are also grateful to still share in the journeys of Minnesota’s wonderful Adult Basic Education students!

Q1. How do students make videos?

A1. We’re keeping this simple! Any self-made video from a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) will work great. Here are some simple instructions for recording video on Android and iPhone. One thing to emphasize is audio quality. Students should be sure to record in a quiet setting and speak loudly enough for the audio to be clearly heard. It might take a few tries to get a final version and that’s OK. It can also be really helpful to have a filming buddy.


Q2. How do students submit videos?

A2. Students should send completed videos of their reading to their program coordinator or teacher. Then the videos can be uploaded to this Google drive folder. Video submissions are due by Tuesday, May 26. Alternatively, students can upload their videos directly if you like. It’s up to your program!


Q3. Which videos will be shared with the public?

A3. Great question. We won’t know until we see how many videos come in. While we can’t guarantee that all videos will be highlighted as a part of the social media campaign throughout June, we do hope to post all student reading submissions to the YouTube channel. (Please note that by submitting a video to this series the student is authorizing Literacy Minnesota to post and share the video.)  


Q4. How will we know that the videos are posted?

A4. Programs will get notified in at least three ways: 1) We will notify programs if your student’s video is going to be shared. 2) Look for an email from Literacy Minnesota each Tuesday in June with a preview of what’s coming up. 3) And if you follow Literacy Minnesota on Facebook you’ll also see notices there.


Q5. Where do we watch the videos?

A5. Once we go live, there will be a special playlist on our YouTube channel for “June 2020 – VIRTUAL Awards and Journeys Readings.” This link will also be available from the Journeys page on the Literacy Minnesota website.  


Q6. How can we celebrate Journeys locally this year?

A6. Communicate with your students about watching the Tuesday videos throughout June. Hold virtual discussion groups on the platforms used by your program. Focus on Journeys as a series of lessons in your distance learning programming at any time throughout the year. Did you know? There’s an 8-lesson curriculum unit in the back of Journeys!


Q7. When will the new Journeys book be available?

A7. Glad you asked! The new Journeys will be available for shipping in mid-May. It’s also available for pre-sale now.


Q8. Anything else to know?

A8. Yes! By participating in the virtual Journeys event this year, your program will be entered to win a prize package. We will draw a program name at random to win a Literacy Minnesota gift including the new Journeys, and other items with our new logo! (up to 10 items total to be shared with students who submit videos)

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