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Three Tech Tips for Teaching and Tutoring

November 2020
Remote Teaching

Here are three quick videos created for our Summer Institute Conference that provide some concrete ideas spicing up your virtual teaching. 

Using FlipGrid in the ABE Classroom
Rob Podlasek, Literady Minnesota
Learn how to use FlipGrid, a free website, to share videos with your students. It is a great way to practice listening and speaking while helping learners practice digital literacy skills. Code for submitting responses:
Click here for video:

Creating Videos Using Screencast-O-Matic
Andrea Echelberger, Literacy Minnesota
Learn how to make short videos using Screencast-O-Matic. This free, simple tool will help you add exciting visuals to your virtual lessons.
Click here for video:

Three Zoom Features to Enhance Your Lessons
Meghan Boyle, Literacy Minnesota
Congratulations! You've got the basics of Zoom down. Now, come see how to use the Annotate, Share iPhone Screen and Remote Control functions in Zoom to enhance your lessons.
Click here for video:


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