Parenting Program

Teacher shows classroom a children's book

Parenting Program

Engaging parents in advocating for their children's education. 

Literacy Minnesota's parenting program seeks to provide families with the tools they need to break through inequitable power structures and create a more just education system. Adult learners at Open Door Learning Centers can attend parenting classes to navigate cultural differences in the education system, find effective ways to advocate for their children and learn how to promote literacy at home. Last year:

  • Parenting program participants attended 3 school board meetings to express their concerns to the board. 
  • Parenting program participants joined the Advancing Equity Coalition, a collection of community organizations and education advocates seeking equity for the children of Minneapolis Public Schools.

gained tools to navigate the school system and advocate for their children. 


were distributed to families to support in-home reading. 


of parents showed an increase in their knowledge of how to talk with teachers about their children. 


of parents showed increased knowledge about what schools expect from them as parents. 

To learn more about our parenting program, contact Ebyan Abdulle at or 651-251-9058.