Open Door Closures

Open Door Closures

 Hello students! We have an important message for you. You can listen below in Karen, Hmong, Spanish, Somali, or Oromo.

Here is the message in English: 

School is closed until June 12th, maybe longer. When school opens again, it will be different. Everyone will need to study in class and at home on their phone, computer, or tablet. For example, you will use MobyMax to practice English, use a video call like Zoom for online class, or visit your teacher's website to do activities.

School staff are still working now and they are contacting you to help you to continue your English education using your phone or computer.

If you can, it is a good idea to start using your phone or computer to continue learning English now.

If you can keep practicing English at home, you will keep getting better.

School staff know that you may be busy with work, your children and other responsibilities. If you are too busy to practice English now, please tell your teacher or coordinator.

They will contact you less often if you are too busy now.

You will always be welcome to contact your teacher or coordinator in the future when you are less busy and you have more time to practice English.

Please download the Zoom app. Ask a family member for help, or tell school staff if you need help. Teachers and volunteers are using Zoom to have class with students online.

Please tell us if you have any questions. Thank you!

Hear this message in your language: