Out now: Copies of the 2021 edition of Journeys are available

July 2021

Journeys is a book of stories.

Within its pages, you'll find memories, poems, art, tall tales and everything in between. These stories share the journeys and perspectives of adult literacy students enrolled in reading, English as a Second Language, GED, and basic skills classes across the state of Minnesota.

This year's Journeys includes a special chapter called “Teaching and Learning in the Pandemic” in which learners, teachers and tutors tell their stories of resilience, creativity and dedication to their studies and work—despite the hurdles presented by COVID-19 this year. The book also includes a curriculum unit which includes suggested activity modifications for the virtual classroom.

Many studies suggest that culturally relevant texts help increase students' engagement in learning. Journeys provides a text of authentic learner stories for teachers to use in the classroom. We believe Journeys engages students more effectively than other texts because it values the contributions adult students make to adult education programs and the larger Minnesota community.

Whether you are a teacher, tutor, supporter of literacy education or you simply believe in the power of words, you will find yourself connecting to the stories in Journeys because one thing is certain: you are on your own journey. We all are. Hearing the stories of fellow travelers and learning about the struggles and victories they’ve had along the way, however similar or dissimilar they may be to our own, helps us to better navigate the world and find our place within it.

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The book cover of the 2021 edition of Journeys: An Anthology of Student Writing.