Open Door learning returns to classrooms

September 2021

On September 13, the doors of our learning centers re-opened for in-person learning. An updated safety plan is in place to protect learners, staff and volunteers as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
Open Door is offering a combination of 
in-person and online learning, so those who cannot attend in person can continue their learning journeys. This flexibility makes a big difference for learners with demanding work schedules, full-time parenting responsibilities and/or transportation barriers.
M, a single mother of four, has continued to learn online so she can be home with her kids. Since September 2020, when she started taking classes through Open Door, she has built confidence with digital literacy, learning to navigate computers and computer programs to pursue her goal of improving at English and getting a steady job. “It’s easy now,” she says about using Zoom and other online platforms for learning. “I’m relaxing in class. I’m comfy. I’m good now.”