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Learn at Open Door

Do you want to learn English, practice computer skills, or prepare for college or a job? 

You can take FREE classes at our Open Door Learning Centers. Call a learning center to learn more. 


  • Open Door Lake Street | 2700 East Lake Street, Suite 2500, Minneapolis, MN 55406 | Phone: 612-483-1763
  • Open Door Northside | Sumner Library 611 Van White Memorial Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55411 Phone: 612-377-5399
  • Open Door Northeast | 1509 NE 27th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55418 Phone: 612-789-9024
  • Open Door Midway | 540 Fairview Ave (a.m.) and 553 Fairview Ave (p.m.), Saint Paul, MN 55104 Phone: 612-567-9095
  • Open Door Rondo | Rondo Community Library 461 Dale Street North, Saint Paul, MN 55103 Phone: 651-266-7421
  • Open Door Arlington Hills | 1115 Greenbrier Street, Saint Paul, MN 55106 Phone: 651-793-4423