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Journeys PDF 2020

July 2020
Standards Aligned

Journeys features original writing and art from adult literacy students enrolled in English, GED, citizenship and basic-skills classes across Minnesota. 

This year's Journeys contains 811 submissions from student authors representing 72 countries of origin and 49 Adult Basic Education programs. Journeys is also available in print! Purchase print copies of Journeys

Journeys contains an accompanying curriculum unit geared toward high-intermediate to advanced ESL learners. The learning objectives below are aligned with the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) and the Transitions Integration Framework (TIF). For more information about the CCRS and the TIF, visit 

In response to COVID-19, each lesson in the Journeys curriculum unit now contains suggested activity modifications for the virtual classroom. These activity ideas are available only in the PDF version of Journeys 2020. The modifications are labeled with the tag VIRTUAL CLASS IDEA and were designed to eliminate the need for printing and advance distribution of materials. These ideas rely primarily on the features available on the Zoom platform. 



After the unit, learners will be able to: 

  • Discuss the concept of “storytelling” and its varied roles across cultures. 
  • Read and navigate a table of contents, activating prior knowledge, making predictions about content and locating key information in a text. (CCRS RI.2.5) (TIF LS 1a, 1b) 
  • Identify and analyze examples of literary genres in Journeys. Identify the main purpose of a text, including what the author wants to answer, explain or describe. (CCRS R1.2.6) (TIF CT 1b) 
  • Read Journeys texts aloud with fluency, focusing on appropriate speed, accuracy and expression after successive readings. (CCRS RF.4) 
  • Compare and contrast Journeys texts of the same genre using graphic organizers. (CCRS RI.3.9) (TIF CT 1c) 
  • Use a personal response journal to synthesize and reflect on Journeys texts. (TIF CT 1c) 
  • Write a Journeys-style narrative text, using a prewriting/rough draft/final draft process. (CCRS W.2.3, W.3.4, W.3.5) 

This unit consists of eight cumulative lesson plans, including ready-to-use activities. Each lesson is designed to be approximately 1 to 1.5 hours long. Teachers are welcome to adapt the lessons to accommodate their unique classroom settings. Since class levels and sizes vary, a range of times is suggested for each activity. 

Lesson Contents 

Lesson 1: Storytelling                                          Lesson 5: Compare and Contrast Texts 

Lesson 2: Navigating a Table of Contents      Lesson 6: Culminating Activity: Prewriting 

Lesson 3: Literary Genres in Journeys             Lesson 7: Culminating Activity: Rough Draft 

Lesson 4: Reading with Fluency                       Lesson 8: Culminating Activity: Final Draft 

Tech Tip 

To copy handouts from the Journeys print edition onto 8 ½ x 11 sheets, use an enlargement ratio of 121%. 

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