How to order the curriculum

For our first edition rollout of English Unlocked, purchasers will receive access to download materials in PDF format from our secured site. A full curriculum purchase is intended for use by teachers and students at a single learning site. 


Purchase instructions: Follow these steps in the shopping cart below to pay online

Note: In this shopping cart, start by clicking "+Add," and the quantity you purchase will adjust automatically.  

  • Click “+Add” for the item you wish to buy and register an Attendee. Attendee = the educator/site administrator who will receive a login to access the materials. If you are the purchaser but not planning to utilize the curriculum (for example, finance personnel), please input the name of a person who will utilize the curriculum as the Attendee. You will have the opportunity to input your unique name and information during the payment steps.
    • If you are purchasing just one item, click "continue" to move to the payment steps.
    • If you are buying another item, click "+Add." Continue this process until you have finished registering the Attendees who will receive login access for your purchases. Click "continue" to move to the payment steps.
    • If you are purchasing a multi-site full curriculum or more than one of the same item, click the blue "Add New Group/Attendees." If you are purchase two (2) or more full curriculum packages, enter "UNLOCKED" in the discount code field. Click "continue" to move to the payment steps.
  • "Additional Information" is for your billing information. In "Copy from," select your name to populate with previously entered information. Select "Others" to enter a different billing name and address (for example, finance personnel).
  • Enter card information and click "Process" to pay.

Once purchased, the individual who supplied contact information during the payment process will receive a receipt. Additional emails will be sent to the designated Attendees assigned to purchased curriculum levels.

Please contact for questions about your purchase or to be invoiced using a purchase order.


The purchase of each curriculum level and Phonics Workbook gives you one (1) login to download materials

The curriculum is copyrighted. Please do not share outside your learning site.

You will have login access for 12 months after the files are shared with you. 

If you are purchasing the full English Unlocked Curriculum, you need to only register one Attendee/administrator per site. Please have the site administrator contact Literacy Minnesota at to add up to three (3) additional educators at each site.  

The full English Unlocked curriculum allows for four (4) total logins at each learning site to download materials.  

The curriculum is copyrighted. Please do not share login information.

You will have login access for 12 months after the files are shared with you. 

Use code UNLOCKED for 10% off when purchasing the full English Unlocked curriculum for two or more teaching sites!

 Discount IS NOT automatically applied, and cannot be applied or refunded after purchase is made.


Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted payment options.

Yes! Please email us at and provide the following information: What are you purchasing and how many? Name, title, organization name, address, phone and email address.

You will receive login information to your materials within two (2) business days. We are a small team, so we appreciate your patience with this process!

You will receive emails that will help you login your curriculum:


You will receive an email from Literacy Minnesota, with the subject containing the curriculum level you purchased:

"Literacy Minnesota has shared 1. English Unlocked, Beginning Literacy with you."

If you purchased more than one single level of curriculum, you will receive an email for each level bought, with the subject line specifying that single level.

If you purchased the Full English Unlocked Curriculum, you will receive only one of these emails.


You will receive an email simultaneously from Par3IT Cloud asking you to create an account. Please follow the short steps to create your guest account that you will use to access your materials.

Note: You will not be able forward the "create an account" link to someone so that they may create a Par3IT account to access English Unlocked materials. Materials can only be accessed by accounts that have had access granted to them by Literacy Minnesota.

If you at any point have issues with access, logging in or questions about your account, please email for assistance. DO NOT email Par3IT about issues.

Please allow two (2) business days for assistance from Literacy Minnesota. Thank you in advance for your patience!