Instructional Kit
Instructional Kit

ESL Instructional Support Kits

January 2020

Our ESL Instructional Support Kits are designed to make teaching easier! Each kit provides teachers and classroom volunteers with complete activity instructions and materials on a variety of topics. The kits can be used to facilitate small-group pull-outs, one-to-one tutoring, develop plans for substitute teachers, or enhance existing curriculum.

Each of the kits is a printable PDF that includes:

  • A list of necessary materials
  • Instructions for assembly
  • A tutor log
  • Detailed instructions for a variety of activities
  • Activity expansion suggestions
  • Handouts and supporting materials

Download, print, and assemble the kits of your choice, and begin using them in your teaching immediately! If you have any technical issues with downloading the kits, or questions about how to use them in your program, please contact Meghan Boyle at



Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Kit - English language learners at many levels need additional assistance with building their phonetic awareness and strengthening their phonetic decoding abilities. The Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Kit provides a variety of activities that can be used with low-beginning to high-intermediate levels of English language learners.

Speaking and Listening Kit - Ask most English learners what they want to work on, and they'll reply "Conversation!" The Speaking and Listening Kit contains a wide variety of fun and engaging activities to help learners develop verbal communication skills and gain confidence in their ability to speak both in and outside of the classroom. The activities in this kit can be used with low-beginning to advanced level English language learners. 

Pronunciation Kit - Pronunciation is an area that many learners are interested in, but it can be difficult for teachers and volunteers to know how to approach instruction in this area. The Pronunciation Kit provides activity instructions for a wide variety of activities that focus on helping learners improve their pronunciation of English suprasegmentals (intonation, rhythm, stress, etc.). The activities in this kit can be used with low-beginning to advanced level English language learners.

Citizenship Kit - In order to successfully prepare for and pass the citizenship class, learners need to practice a wide variety of skills, including conversational English, interviewing, the 100 civics questions and reading and writing civics sentences. Many learners need more assistance than a teacher is able to provide in a citizenship class, especially in the last couple of months before their interview. The Citizenship Kit provides teachers and volunteer tutors with all of the materials that necessary to help learners prepare for all portions of the citizenship interview, as well as activity ideas to challenge learners and keep them engaged as they study one-on-one with a tutor.

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Reading Kit - Having learners practice reading skills in small group pull-out sessions is an excellent way for learners to get individualized attention so that they become stronger readers. The Reading Kit contains pre-reading activities to help learners develop their reading strategies, reading fluency activities so that learners can become more fluent and confident in how they interact with texts, and post-reading activities to increase comprehension and understanding.


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