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  • is an adaptive learning program for students to build their knowledge of English vocabulary and spelling. It provides learners with multiple ways to practice vocabulary, as well as track their progress. The program teaches words by systematically exposing learners to a variety of question types (definitions, images, synonyms, sentences etc.) and activities that help build mastery. It tracks words learners have already mastered and prioritizes vocabulary identified as challenging. It also allows instructors to create thematically specific lists to correspond with classroom materials and topics.
  • Suitable for any learner. CASAS Reading 211+ through any L1 learner
  • Proxy Hours Equivalent/Criteria for Awarding Proxy Hours: Time on task. Multiply the amount of clocktime recorded by 1.25, to account for teacher coordination with learner, and round to nearest quarter hour. Watch this screencast for how to collect time on task.
  • Proxy Hour Documentation: Save monthly screenshots

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$168 annually/40 students; $312 annually/100 students; see