Free – with Paid Upgrade Available


  • Brief description: Includes news articles from many different publications, newspapers, and magazines rewritten at five different reading levels. Includes vocabulary and comprehension quizzes and writing assignments. Students can be given assignments online.
  • Web-based: Yes
  • Available on tablets/smart phones: Yes
  • Proxy Hour Equivalent for reading, writing, and vocabulary (can only be obtained from paid version)
    • 15 minutes (.25 hrs) for readings with Lexile levels below 800 (i.e.799 and below);
    • 30 minutes (.5 hrs) for readings with Lexile levels of 800 or above
    • 15 minutes (.25 hrs) for Power Words at any level.
  • Criteria for awarding Proxy Hour Equivalent: Completed reading and quiz (either online or printed PDF); verified by teacher/staff in student data. Here's a Reporting How-to Screencast.

Literacy Level

Greater than 221



There is a free version and a premium paid version. You may have to contact them for pricing: