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Learning Upgrade

The Learning Upgrade app. provides fundamental education breakthroughs to students and education providers around the globe with rapid and effective upskilling in math, literacy, and technology via an engaging mobile solution. Note: The math and literacy content only are approved for Minnesota Adult education at this time.

  • This is a mobile app.
  • Time-on-Task proxy hours should be used, adding .25 hours per hour of seat time (multiply seat time by 1.25). 
  • Teachers and administrators can sign in to the web-based student management system to view reports. Teachers can view reports for their own classes, and administrators can view school-wide reports. The reports include detailed progress and assessment reports on each student and course, including scores on each lesson, weak and strong areas, and certificates earned. Time-on task reports include summary reports on total time for each student either by course or for all courses within a specified date range

Literacy Level

210 and below



Schools can sign up for a pilot to receive 3 months of use for free. Here is the link to the form:

Ongoing cost is $30 per student license for access to all lessons for one school year or $7,500 for an annual site license that covers all students.