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  • Brief description: IXL provides a comprehensive resource of interactive content to give students and instructors the tools to identify and close skill gaps, personalize learning, and track progress in math, English language arts, science, and social studies. IXL meets common core and MN state standards for K-12. CCRS standards are in development.
  • Proxy Hour Equivalent: Clocktime, as per timeout setting provided by publisher; multiply the amount of clocktime recorded by 1.25, to account for teacher coordination with learner, and round to nearest quarter hour.
  • Proxy Hour Documentation: Management system report.
  • Prerequisite: IXL Math and Language Arts: CASAS Reading score 151+, TABE Reading score 225+; basic digital literacy skills. IXL Science and Social Studies: CASAS Reading score 201+, TABE Reading score 368+; basic digital literacy skills.
  • Note: Spanish language content is also available in IXL, but is not approved for ABE instruction.
  • Web-based: Yes
  • Available on tablets/smart phones: Yes. Practice IXL on the go with free apps for iPad, Android, & Kindle. Students have interactive problems and colorful awards at their fingertips. As of 2017, IXL does NOT have an app for smartphones, but IXL does work if you login through the internet on your smartphones.  Students will often have to zoom in on the questions to see them better on a smartphone.  An IXL smartphone app is in the works, tentatively for 2018.
  • Overview and how to use IXL screencasts: Part 1 and Part 2
  • Superuser: Jason Schmidt
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There is a cost - check IXL website for specifics.