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i-Pathways, a responsively designed and mobile ready curriculum, delivers both online and offline learning options for individuals, programs, organizations, or statewide deployments. Essential study areas include Language ArtsScienceSocial StudiesBasic MathMathematicsBasic Writing, and Consumer Education. Evaluation of learning is monitored through ongoing assessments. Offline instruction is available to a community of users without Internet connectivity through the Oasis system. 

Approved by the GED Testing Service and The Education Testing Service for the HiSET™; i-Pathways includes a College and Career Readiness curriculum. 

  • Web-based: Yes.
  • Available on tablets/smart phones: Yes, except for Apple devices.
  • Proxy Hour Equivalent: 2 hours per completed lesson (including surveys, unit reviews, and other activities). 
  • Criteria for awarding Proxy Hour Equivalent: Completed module, verified by teacher.
  • Proxy Hour Documentation: Save a digital copy (PDF or Excel) of the Lesson Mastery Report. A Lesson Mastery Report must be run and saved for each i-Pathways teacher with active students. The Program Administrator can run a report for each teacher, or each teacher can run their own report and save it. To run the Lesson Mastery Report, login as a Program Admin or Teacher, click on the REPORTS tab, then click the LESSON MASTERY REPORT button. Select your Consortium, Program, and Teacher from the dropdown menus. Leave the Student dropdown menu alone and it will default to running a report for all the students enrolled in the teacher's class. If for some reason you need to run a report for a single student, you can select them from the Student dropdown menu. Select a start date and end date (usually 1 full month) for your report. Leave the Class Location menu alone. Then select your Output Type; either PDF or Excel. Click the View Report button. If you choose PDF, it will load in a new tab, then click the download icon (upper right) to download it to your device. If you choose Excel, it will automatically download to your device.

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