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The Great Courses

  • The Great Courses is a series of high school and college level audio and video courses produced and distributed by The Teaching Company. The Great Courses are crafted for lifelong learning and personal enrichment. The Great Courses provide knowledge designed to expand the learners' horizons, deepen understanding, and foster epiphanies. 
  • Available on tablets/smart phones.
  • Proxy Hour Equivalent/Criteria for Awarding Proxy Hours: Time on task - .75 hrs per assignment, 9 hours total per course.
  • Proxy Hour Documentation: Each program maintains a spreadsheet to track students who complete each Great Course. Hours will be submitted upon successful course completion (70% or greater accuracy).

Literacy Level

Greater than 236
TABE Score



There is a monthly charge per location for a public viewing license. The elements that are included in the price include a community access fee based on population ($100 per 500 people) and a closed circuit monthly fee of $100.00.