GogyUp Reader

  • Summary: GogyUp’s Literacy Support System (LSS) is a free literacy platform that provides in-the-moment, personalized reading assistance for any text: class readings, work instructions, etc. With minimal set-up, GogyUp provides adult learners with an “in-pocket tutor” they can instantly turn to for in-the-moment reading support for any text as well as long term instructional support. If not yet proficient in English, GogyUp will translate most English words into an learner’s preferred language. For Educators, the GogyUp Learning Manager allows teachers to add any text, custom comprehension and vocabulary puzzles before publishing the enhanced document to the GogyUp Reader.
  • Proxy Hour Equivalent/Criteria for Awarding Proxy Hours: Clocktime, as per timeout setting provided by publisher; GogyUp multplies the amount of clocktime recorded by 1.25, to account for teacher coordination with learner, and rounds to nearest quarter hour.
  • Proxy Hour Documentation: Copies of student reports. See screencast for instructions.
  • Available on tablets/smart phones: The GogyUp Reader is available free for all learners on mobile app stores for Android and iOS. A Web app is also available through the Chrome browser. See  Educators may sign up for free accounts on GogyUp’s Learning Manager to follow student progress at or by emailing

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