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Future: My English Lab (MEL)

ELL curriculum Intro, level 1 - 4, and Advanced (6 levels); integrated, contextualized approach to learning. The MEL can be used alone as a DL platform or can be used in companion with the student text books and workbooks in the Future series. The MEL offers lessons that are different than the student books but align directly with that content. The MEL also offers assessments of the skills (Reading, listening, language, grammar) that are being developed.

  • Proxy Hour Equivalent/Proxy Hours Equivalent/Criteria for Awarding Proxy Hours: Clocktime, as per timeout setting provided by publisher; multiply the amount of clocktime recorded by 1.25, to account for teacher coordination with learner, and round to nearest quarter hour
  • Proxy Hour Documentation: LMS provided, records can be downloaded as PDFs or

Literacy Level

Less than 235



Cost: MEL subscription includes a digital flip book of the companion text or a print text book: MEL w/ digital flip book (Bulk rates apply): $20.25/student (300+) - $27.00 (1-50); MEL w/ print book (program discount applies); $33.98 (25% for program purchase) - $44.31 (direct purchase)