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EnGen (formerly Voxy)

EnGen is an English learning platform that creates lessons from licensed content creators (Associated Press, Buzzfeed, etc). EnGen also publishes its own lessons and pathways using public domain content (e.g. the CDC website). It is industry focused, including soft skills, job skills, citizenship, digital literacy, health, safety, general English. Includes listening, grammar, reading, and vocabulary practice. It is geared specifically for Adult English language learning.

Web-based and mobile friendly.

  • Proxy Hours Equivalent/Criteria for Awarding Proxy Hours: Clocktime, as per timeout setting provided by publisher; multiply the amount of clocktime recorded by 1.25, to account for teacher coordination with learner, and round to nearest quarter hour.
  • Proxy Hour Documentation: Individual learner report.
  • Administration/Records/Reporting features of this platform are available here. Records can be exported to Excel.

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$175 (per seat) for 1-49 seats, $150 for 50-99 seats, $125 for 100+ seats