• EdReady is a math and English readiness system that employs a low-stakes knowledge inventory to personalize a learner’s path to subject mastery within the context of a specific goal.
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  • Proxy hour equivalent: Clocktime, per timeout setting provided by publisher; multiply the amount of clocktime recorded by 1.25, and round to nearest quarter hour for entry in SID. You can include/count time spent on testing/assessment and time spend studying. Use the Advanced Reporting feature to view the Student Activity Report and look for the Total Session Time (Minutes) column. Watch the screencast video above for help accessing this report.
  • How to report Ed Ready Hours
  • Criteria for awarding Proxy Hour Equivalent/Proxy Hour Documentation: Report from data management system.
  • Prerequisites: Advanced ELL or any ABE or L1 learner
  • Online: Yes
  • Available on tablets/smart phones: Yes
  • Superuser: Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, Jason Brazier



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Jason Brazier, Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt