Duolingo for Schools

  • Duolingo is a language acquisition program based on translating words, phrases, and conversations using a primary language to the targeted language. It’s English language learning course builds vocabulary, grammar, and usage through activities that require reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Time on Task, multiplied by 1.25
  • Records can be downloaded in an Excel/CSV spreadsheet.
  • The classes should be set based on primary language of the learner to the target language (English). From each class, reports can be pulled easily. The main content shows time-on-task in hours and minutes for the week. It can be adjusted to custom dates and exported as needed directly from the main content of each class selected in the side bar. Video of this can be provided if approved.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Web-based
  • If students already have a Duolingo account, it can be added to your Duolingo for Schools class using a class code. Be aware, their name and information from that account will appear as when they first signed up. Teachers will have to directly change the information from on their account/device. Learner account created from Duolingo for School does not require an email address but there is also no Student ID field, so please pay attention to how you can keep track of your learners to give appropriate hours.