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Sharing our experience and expertise to help organizations launch and develop literacy programming.

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Throughout our nearly 50 years of experience, Literacy Minnesota (formerly Minnesota Literacy Council) has developed successful strategies for initiating and completing a variety of literacy projects and programs. Sharing our expertise helps other local, regional and national organizations further their ability to offer life-changing services and programs.

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Ways we can help

Literacy Minnesota offers customizable trainings to fit your organization’s needs. Our expertise includes classroom training for volunteers, distance-learning improvement, educational technology utilization and more. We provide trainings and consultation in the following areas:

  • ESL, Citizenship, and GED volunteer trainings

  • In-service workshops on any literacy-related topic

  • Workshops for tutors working with children and youth

  • Train-the-trainer workshops

  • Technology training for literacy professionals

  • Distance-learning technology for tutors and learners

Since our beginnings in a church basement in 1972, Literacy Minnesota (formerly Minnesota Literacy Council) has evolved into a nationally recognized leader with expertise in literacy program design and implementation. We offer both a comprehensive start-to-finish package and needs-based services. We provide consultation and assistance on: 

  • Program analysis and design

  • Planning and strategic goal-setting

  • Outreach and marketing plans

  • Teacher/tutor selection and training

  • Volunteer management

  • Testing and curriculum guidance

  • Data management analysis

  • Program evaluation

As one of Minnesota’s first and largest providers of adult basic education services to immigrant and refugee communities, Literacy Minnesota is experienced in addressing the educational needs of low-literacy individuals. We are actively increasing our international presence as a partner on literacy and education efforts. Our staff are experts in program design, delivery and/or evaluation of projects with a focus on adult education. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Volunteer, staff or tutor training - Are you sending volunteers overseas to assist in educational programs? We provide ESL pre-service tutor training to prepare your volunteers to integrate language and literacy into international work. 

  • Curriculum design -Without a properly designed curriculum, international programs flounder. Our consultants will work with your staff and teachers to develop curriculum and resources appropriate to your location and needs. From ESL to citizenship to basic reading and math, Literacy Strategies has practical, proven experience designing curriculum. 

  • Program design - Would your program be more successful if it incorporated adult basic education? Projects ranging from health interventions to agricultural training often interact with low-literacy adults, which provides unique challenges and opportunities. Our consultants can address training needs specific to your project. 

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