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Build a Story

June 2021

Purpose:  This activity helps learners develop their writing fluency

Preparation Time:  none

Materials Needed:  none


  1. Have learners come up with 3-5 words and write them on a sheet of paper (use less words for learners with less writing skills, and more words for stronger writers). The words can be random, or can be part of a theme that the class is currently learning about.
  2. Ask the learners to exchange papers with a partner.
  3. Give the learners 5-10 minutes to write a short story that includes all of the words that they were given on their paper.
  4. Have the learners exchange papers back and read their partners stories. If you have time, you can ask for volunteers to read stories out loud to the class.

Modification for Beginning Level: Have the class help you brainstorm three words that connect to the theme that you are studying in class. Write the words on the board. Have the class work together to come up with a story using the three words and write it as the class dictates. When it is finished, read it out loud as a group.

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