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Lesson Plan

Adult Ed Math Courses

August 2022

The Adult Ed Math Courses were developed to support adult learners building beginning level numeracy skills. This could be to pursue passing the GED exam, and/or to build numeracy skills for life or work. This curriculum is taught through a series of prepared Google Slides that are outlined and linked within the teacher guide, available to download below.

The courses feature two levels of curriculum:

  • Math 1, Foundations, includes basic general math skills. Students build numeracy skills that are essential for everyday life as well as for deeper math understanding. These units include math sense, fluency, and general reasoning skills.  
  • Math 2, Pre-GED, applies basic numeracy skills to proportional reasoning,  pre-algebra and geometry. The lessons in these units can help students learn, review or improve their skills in preparation for the GED, the Accuplacer, or for certain careers. 

Once learners have built skills outlined in Math 1, Foundations and Math 2, Pre-GED they will be ready to build additional math skills through our free GED Mathematical Reasoning Curriculum. These curricula support English language learners at an ESL NRS Level of 4 or higher (Intermediate ESL Level). 

Watch the Introduction to the Adult Ed Math Course Curriculum video lead by the Literacy Minnesota Curriculum team for an overview of the teacher guide and Adult Ed Math Courses.

All lessons are linked within the Teacher Guide. Download it for FREE below!

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