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Karine Watne


Karine Watne is a Senior Manager of Marketing Communications and Projects in the International Business division at the Toro Company. She is originally from France. Her French youth included posters of James Dean, high-volume doses of Born in the USA, and a strange amazement at how Starsky and Hutch could solve crime with such non-chalant demeanor, wearing blue jeans rather than uniforms and driving a wow-mobile. Such departure from Hercule Poirot. Her parents were both teachers, and she believes that lifelong learning and education in general are the lighthouses we should all be able to rely on to help advance our lives. She earned her Master of Business Management from the Management Institute of Rennes in Rennes, France, and a Master of International Management from the University of St. Thomas. Karine and her husband Steve also have twin daughters, Khloe and Kamille, and she is continuously amazed at their learning in general and at their teachers. Karine looks forward to learning more about Literacy Minnesota and the ways she can help serve its goals.